О проекте
White Jaguar Tribe.
Human civilization remembers periods of flourishing growth when life that seemed to be still and almost stopped suddenly started to breathe, move, getting filled by new and unexpected knowledge and arts. Spiritual revolution of creation spread out the globe leaving continents full of unique pieces of architecture, music, legends and heroes. Ancient Maya believed that those cycles were ruled by four Jaguars, starting by the government of then Black one full of aggression and destruction and then moving towards the White Jaguar that is full of harmony. We are the White Jaguar people, our intuition tell us that time of thoughtless consumption that corrupts the Earth is close to the end, the new time of new values is coming. Values of truth, kindness and beauty. We are leaping from the ordinary world of survival to the new world of harmony of material and spiritual energies. We believe that music is the universal access code that is available to all people that are open towards the joy and love and treasure every moment of living. Our festival is a gathering of all members of White Jaguar Tribe from all over the world.
Love & Light
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